Andropia was established in 2008 as a label for Itonje Søimer Guttormsen's production of film,
ritual performance and public concepts.

Itonje (b. 1979) has a BA in film directing from The Norwegian Filmschool (2008), and a MFA in «Processes of filmmaking» at Academy Valand, Gothenburg (2016). Before filmschool she worked on a large
number of Norwegian film productions as director assistent, production leader, researcher etc, alongside subjects in philosophy, theater, theology and art at the University of Oslo.

Itonje produce her film- and art projects on Andropia, and is the founder of ByFlimmer – a site specific filmart festival, and of KORET, a 50 piece Oslo choir. She is connected to the film plattform Wuxia as event maker.


In 2015 she premiered the ritual performance EDEN, Oslo – en konfirmasjon where 11 females made their confirmation in Lilith – Adams ousted first wife.

In 2016 she released the mid length film Retrett, starring Birgitte Larsen as the struggling movement artist Gritt. Retrett premiered at The Norwegian Short film festival in Grimstad, where it won the film critics award. It was nominated for Amanda award 2016 for best short film, and awarded Best Nordic and Norwegian short at Minimalen 2017. Retrett had it's international release at International Film Festival Rotterdam January 2017, and is still traveling festivals, latest to be awarded Best Short Film at Riga International Filmfestival in October 2017.

In November 2017 Itonje had a solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet in Oslo, in the Nordic Anthology series. Lilithistic Revelation embraced the Norwegian filmmaker Vibeke Løkkeberg's film Åpenbaringen (1977) in a healing, monastic screening uterus and illuminated the witchhunt of Løkkeberg as an artist and person.

Itonje is currently financing the film «Burning Man», which follows Gritt on new adventures, a year after Retrett.

She also investigates concerns and possibilities for Adam, now that Lilith is round and about.


Itonje Søimer Guttormsen
+47 9779 4363

Mariboesgate 14, 0183 Oslo
St Halvardsgt 25 D
0192 Oslo


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