An investigation of collective possibilities inspired by Lilith –
Adams first wife who found Eden too safe, Adam too rigid and God asleep. 

EDEN, Oslo –
en konfirmasjon

Ritual performance, 2015

The 3rd of October 2015, the confirmation of 11 females in their thirties took place in an abandoned factory between medieval ruins, skyscrapers and shady industry. The women had gone through a 6 months long confirmation process in the name of Lilith – Adam's ousted first wife – with hopes of personal as well as communal growth.

300 people found their way to the transformed space of Eden, and took part in the ceremony where the Lilithists shared their personal and collective motives, efforts, vowels and movements. Earth was signed, and the guest could choose to give their contributions through the symbolic sacrifice of ribs, seeds or objects. A choir performed an oratorio for Lilith, a panel of priests and poets blessed the revisited genesis, and video from the confirmation camp was exposed.

As Eden was consummated and ready to contain out lilithness, we celebrated by sharing a conceptual meal of aspic and apples, singalong, speeches and witness Adams song to Lilith. The evening moved beautifully into night and everyone was eased.

The confirmants:
Aina Villanger, Birgitte Larsen, Hanna Barfod, Ingrid Eggen, Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Liv Kristin Holmberg, Maria Grazia, Marte Vold, Rannveig Hägg Berge, Silja Espolin Johnson,
Solveig Løvås.

Others: KORET, Andreas Elvenes mf
Cinematographer:  Janne Lindgren
Sound design: Per Platou
Video design: Bjørn Erik Haugen
Costume: Kristine Gjems
Design: Elin Mejergren
Libretto: Aina Villanger
Composer: Hanne Hukkelberg
Conductor: Ingebjør Westgaard
Concept and directing: Itonje Søimer Guttormsen
Co-producer: Marit Grimstad Eggen

Produced by ANDROPIA

The project would never be possible without the open doors and large generosity of everyone at Bispegata 16. 
The project was supported by
The Norwegian Art Council & Oslo Culture Departement



dette er ingen prøve
det er ikke en fortelling
ikke vekkelse? politikk ikke en tale
dette er kamming og trapping
krokbragd og rosebragd
arbeid og onani

                        –Aina Villanger, Librettist


The project has received development support from the Norwegian Arts Council, and aims to take place in a near future.



ADA appeared in the shape of a researcher for Itonje during the light summers of 2009–2013. She played around with movement, voice and various instruments and objects. ADA developed a slightly autistic, or at least synesthetic work method interacting with her surroundings. She recorded video or sound material of these investigations, which led to projects such as ”The Knights of the Red Shoe” (RRS) and ”13 paf mo(ve)ments”. She also appeared in other peoples work, such as danish artist Lea Porsager (Mezmorized Machines, Anatta Experiment, a.o).

ADA was driven by a wild energy which lead her to investigate in matters such as unperfectionism, presence & alienation. She was probably in bloodline with Lilith – Adam’s first ousted wife, and took the name Lilithdatter in a ceremony at KiN-Lab – Kjærringøy 22. Juli 2011. Tragically the very same day of the gruesome terror of Utøya, without connections of course.

We lost track of her at the end of 2013 and hope she’s happy wherever she is, and thank her for her intense efforts.